As an auctioneer we make our money through the fees we charge. We try to keep these as low as possible, and be as transparent as we can. Our fees are listed below.


Buyers are charged 15% of the hammer price.

Example, if you buy an item for £100 at the hammer price, 15% fee is £15, £100 + £15 = £115 total due.


Sellers are charged a £1 lot fee for each lot they wish to enter, weather the item sells or not.

Further, there is a 10% charge on the final hammer price.

Example, if your item sells for £100, 10% fee is £10, £1 for the lot fee is £100 – 10 – 1 =£89 due to you.


Collection / Arrangement:

A charge is made should we need to collect the items for auction, and bring them to the auction room.

If an auction is to be held on site, a special arrangement would be made as to the costs involved. This would depend on what arrangements we need to make, and is bespoke to all auctions.