House Clearance Auctions was set up by Totally Cleared, a specialist house clearance company in 2015 as a way to market for many of the items that are cleared from properties. Already used to selling and buying at auction, the Totally Cleared team decided that they could do things better, and cheaper than many of the local auction houses.

House Clearance Auctions now run auctions throughout the UK. These auctions are held at fixed locations (like village halls, sports centres etc) as well as on-site auctions that can be held in business premises, warehouses, farms etc. We can hold an auction almost anywhere, as long as we can get people there safely.

Currently we only offer in person auctions, but will be adding the ability of internet bidding shortly.

Our buyer registration process is computerised, meaning you just have to sign up once with us, and will keep the same bidding number throughout all our auctions. This helps to save you time at auctions, and makes our job just a little bit easier.

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